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How does automatic Twitter Re-Following work?

MyGuestlist now includes the ability for your social profiles to automatically re-follow (or follow-back, whatever you want to call it) anyone who follows your Twitter Profiles.

What's the point?

The main advantage to re-following people is increased exposure on Twitter. Giving your profiles more chance of appearing in peoples Who to follow sections.

Another, and sometimes over-looked feature, is following people unlocks the ability for that person or profile, to send you a Direct Message on Twitter. Direct Messaging is a private conversation between you and the person, and can be viewed from your MyGuestlist social dashboard. Only people you follow are allowed to send you a Direct Message, so by following someone, they can now send you a Direct Message.

How long does it take?

We check for new followers to your Twitter profiles approx every 12 hours. When enabled, anyone who has followed you is automatically re-followed.

Can I see who has automatically been Re-Followed?

Yes. From the social dashboard, go to Broadcast/Update Status-> Automatic Re-Follow, and select the profile you want to check-up on. You'll be able to see the most recent profiles you're now following from this feature, and a daily average of re-follows.

More Information

Check out these guides from Twitter about their following rules

Viewing recent followers:

Click on Broadcast / Update Status

Click on 'Automatic Re-Follow'

Select the profile you'd like to view recent followers for

Click on the tab 'Recent Followers' to view the recent followers

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  • 06-Nov-2014