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Upload Database

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Database tab

3. Click on 'Upload contacts' located in the Orange Menu 

4. Select 'Upload Contacts'

5. Either Drag and Drop your file into the area provided, or select a file form your computer

6. Before you upload the file, you need to tell us which column in your spreadsheet is assigned to which field in your database.

Some we automatically set for you (which you can change by selecting the correct option from the drop down.

Others we're not sure, so you'll need to select the drop down and pick your database field.

Click on the drop down to let us know which field this should be added to:

You don't have to include everything, and if there are some fields you don't want to add, leave them as 'ignore this'.

7. Click 'Next' when you've finished mapping your fields

8. If you want to add these patrons into a category, click on 'Category Assignment

And click inside the box to select a/multiple current category.

To create a new category, click 'Create category' and enter a name.

Make sure you click 'Update' after you're done.

9. Email notification will send you an email once the upload is done with all the information such as successful and failed lines.

Enter the email address that would like the email sent to, then click 'Update'

10. The very last option before you upload is to confirm that you have permission to contact the patrons in this spreadsheet.

Now you will see you're upload in the 'Recent Uploads' page.

It displays the total number of lines, the new contacts added, the contacts that were already in your database, all the blank lines and all the failed lines.

And when the upload is complete, you'll see there have been some new contacts, and the upload is 100% complete.

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  • 30-Jan-2015