Overview of the iPad App Interface

Overview of the iPad App Interface

The picture below displays the iPad app after it has been synced with todays lists.

The top menu contains


Logs your account out of the application 


Contains Advanced Attendee Mode & Real Time Sync options.

See here for more on Real Time Sync.


Resets the information on your iPad app to the last time you synced your Guestlists. This will cause any data you have entered/altered since your last sync to be lost! If Real Time Sync is enabled then the reset button is disabled. 


Add a patron to your database through our iPad app. These patrons will not be updated into your database until the next time you sync the iPad.


Synchronises all of the information between the iPad app and your MyGuestlist account. You will need to perform a sync at the end of the night. 

Each section will be discussed according to it's heading in the application.


  • The Guestlist section is where you can view all of your lists on the current day (after you have synced the iPad)
  • Add Guestlist allows you to add a Guestlist via the iPad app instead of on the website. This is a fantastic way to add lists on the move.
  • Search Guestlists is a fast and efficient way to search your lists
  • All Guestlists displays how many lists you have on the night, as well as the total amount of attendees and how many of those people have arrived. By clicking on All Guestlists, all the attendees will be displayed in the Attendees section (including those who have arrived).
  • All Guestlists for today will be displayed under todays date. By clicking on these guestlists, the attendee section will display the patrons for these lists.
  • A 'Walk In' is just a person that you want to record for statistics. This person is added to the current Guestlist that you have selected. If you would like to keep walk-ins separate, it is recommended you create a new list called 'General' and add walk-ins to that.
  • Attendee + is where you can add attendees to the current list you have selected.
  • Search attendees is for searching in the current guestlist. If you would like to search all attendees, select 'All Guestlists' in the Guestlist section and then search for your attendee.
  • The area where you see a circle next to a persons name is where you can tick off an attendee as arrived. Touch the circle to have this applied to your Guestlist.
  • At the bottom you can see Attended, with the list of people below who have already arrived. You can un-tick these people and put them back in the unattended list by ticking the circle next to their names. This section also displays their arrival information - arrival time, price of entry, gender and rating.
More Info
  • Creator of the list is either the list name (if created on the iPad) or the name of the promoter/form submission or the venue itself.
  • Email is the email provided by the creator.
  • Mobile is the mobile provided by the creator.
  • Guestlist type - the type of list specified by the creator (usually submitted by promoters/forms/venues)
  • Comments is any comments the venue may have put for that particular guestlist or any comments the patron who created the list has specified.
  • Place is usually the venue unless being used for a special event
  • Location is usually the venue unless being used for a special event
  • Heard from is usually a form field, so this information will mostly come from patrons who create lists via Facebook or a website.
  • Any other fields here are the Guestlist fields you have created through MyGuestlist.
  • Total Arrivals is the amount of people who have arrived at your venue for all lists.
  • Contacts added is the amount of contacts you have added via the ADD button. These will be added to your database when the next sync occurs
  • Gender Comparison is the count of male and female patrons you have recorded in your venue.
  • Price groups is the count of people who have entered under one of your price points.
  • Average Overall Rating i the average rating of all patrons who have arrived at your venue.
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  • 17-Aug-2016