Where can I view stats?

Detailed Statistics via MyGuestlist

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Statistics tab

3. Click on iPad Statistics (last item on the page)

Here you can view the Guestlist statistics for

  • the last week
  • last month
  • last six month
  • last year
  • between two dates 
  • or all guestlists created in your account.

The graph at the top of the statistics shows the spikes in Guestlists over the specified time (Zoom: top left corner of the graph)
This graph isn't altered when you select a date from the drop down box above.

You can view how well you've done with your Guestlists between between the dates you've chosen in the dopr down

Then you will see a Guestlists table containing the list name, date, time, attendees expect, arrived and walk-ins.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the Guestlist, you can view the specific statistics to that Guestlist. You can also print or export the list to a CSV by clicking on the Print | Export in the top right.

At the bottom of the Statistics for Guestlists, there is a table where you can track promoter progress. It lists the name, number of lists, attendees and arrivals.
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  • 01-Feb-2017