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Form Notifications

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Database Tab

3. Click on Website forms (in the Orange menu)

4. Click on Notifications under the form name

In this section we have:

  • Notifications sent to us- Add / Change / Remove an email address/mobile number  to be notified about users who submit this form.
  • Success Message - Display a message or send to a URL after someone has submitted the form.

Notifications sent to us

Click on Change e-mail notification to add/change/remove an email address for receiving an email when a patron signs up to the database.

Click on SMS notifications to add/change/remove a mobile number for receiving an  SMS when a patron signs up.

Click on Add another e-mail

You can add as many emails as you like. Make sure to click Update when you're done.

Note: The default email added to all notifications is the email in your account details.

To change this, click on Edit details in the GREEN menu to the left of the page.

You can change the message and set up the mobile numbers to receive the SMS when a patron signs up.

Note: By default this is turned off (when there is no phone number present).

As soon as you provide a phone number this feature will automatically turn on.

To turn off again, remove your phone number.

Notifications sent to the contact

Clicking on Send Email will show you the following popup:

From Name: your venue name

Reply To E-mail: the email that users can reply to

Email Template: the template that will be sent to your users submit your form

E-mail Subject: Subject of the email that is sent to the user

Click OK to save your changes.

Clicking on Send SMS will show you the following popup:

Select Yes from the drop-down and you'll see the following:

Make sure you insert your opt out instructions and Update to save your changes.

Success Message 

Send to URL

1. Click on Sent to URL

2. Enter the URL you would like the user to be redirected too after they have submitted your form

3. Click OK to save

Display Text

1. Click on Display Text

2. Enter the message that you would like to display after the user has submitted the form. NOTE: This box accepts html code for styling.

3. Click OK to save

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