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How long will it take to send my social campaign?

When sending a social campaign, MyGuestlist will attempt to send your campaign over a period of time.

During the final steps of sending your campaign, you're given the option to choose how long MyGuestlist will attempt to keep sending your campaign, until we give up.

 Social Campaign Confirmation Screen

Why a campaign may take a while to be delivered

There are a number of reasons why a campaign might not be delivered to all profiles instantly. Usually, status updates and Tweets will be broadcasted to your likes and followers within 5 minutes. However, directly messaging someone (like writing on a friends wall) will take much longer.

If you're directly messaging a group of people, remember that there are limits imposed by each social network, with how many messages/wall posts you can send. This limit is based on your account. For example:


John is sending a direct message via Twitter, to 500 people. Twitter's policy states that John is only allowed to send 250 messages a day. When John sends his campaign via MyGuestlist, it's going to take us at least 48 hours to deliver every private message. This is because Twitter breaks up your 250 message per day limit, on a per hour basis (Did I lose you here?). To make it simple, you can only send approx 10 to 11 messages, every hour. After this limit has been reached, Twitter cuts us off, and you can't send any messages for that hour.


Jane is posting a status updated to Facebook. She recently changed her Facebook password. Before her status update will go out, she will need to login to MyGuestlist and re-link her profile for the status update to go out.

My campaign is for a limited time offer, I don't want messages to be delivered after the offer has expired!

If you're sending out a message about tonight's Guestlist, or tomorrow night's event, you don't want people to receive that message three days later. You should change the time your message will expire, from the campaign confirmation screen.

If your campaign takes longer than the time you've chosen to be delivered, we'll stop delivering any messages that haven't made it through yet.

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