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Uploading a PDF file as an image

Through MyGuestlist, you can only email out pictures or HTML files.

To send out a PDF, first you need to take a screenshot of the image, and then upload the image file into your email.

A screenshot can be taken by clicking 'print screen' on your keyboard (PC) or Command-Shift-4 (MAC).

You may then need to crop the image afterwards (see below for instructions on how to crop an image in both operating systems).

How to take a screenshot and crop an image using Windows 

How to take a screenshot on a MAC 

Once you have got your image ready to upload, proceed with the following:

1. Open the Email editor (Advanced mode)

2. Click on Image Properties

3. Click on 'Use or Upload a file on MyGuestlist'

4. Click on Upload, then choose file

5. Click on Upload Selected File

6. Double click on the picture you just uploaded, then click OK

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  • 28-Jan-2015