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How do I send out an SMS campaign?
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1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the SMS tab


3. Enter which recipients you would like to receive the SMS

(if you leave everything as blank - it will be sent to everyone)





Who is the message from? We recommend putting your venue name in here, but if you would like to accept replies to a mobile number, please the mobile number in this area instead.


The message content box is where you enter your message.

You'll see at the bottom that there are already 28 characters used. This is because we automatically include the opt out message for you initially so you know how many you've got to work with.



1 message = 160 characters, and you can have a total of 3 messages (440 characters)


If you would like to add a mail-merge options to your SMS, save your SMS as a template or load a template, click on Options.



The Advanced Options allows you to:

 - Set your SMS to be sent at a later date and time.

 - Allow patrons to reply which will set the 'from name' to a mobile number, and the replies will be added to your SMS Inbox.

 - Send a test SMS to a number to check that it looks as intended.


We always recommend you do at least one test message before sending it out - especially if you've copy/pasted the message into the box. This will sometimes cause weird characters to appear so make sure you test it!



If you want to send the SMS now, make sure you've got 'Would you like to schedule this message' set to no, and select Send SMS.


It will give you a confirmation message of the amount of people you're sending the SMS to. 


And that's it!

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