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What is Mailmerge and how do I use it?

Mailmerge is the ability to include patrons data automatically in an email without you needing to send out each email seperately. 

Click Here to watch a short video (description of steps below)

You can access your Mailmerge options by:

1. Open up the email editor

2. Click on the Mailmerge drop down (On the 3rd row, it's the second last drop down box from the right)

 3. When you click on one of these, it will appear on your page.

If you use, for example, the Name field in your email: If you do not have the patrons name in your database, it will be blank.

Also, the name will not display in test emails.


 Here's an example of how you would use the Mailmerging codes in your e-mail template.
E-mail Template Message Received
Hey #PatronName#, happy birthday!
We would like to invite you for a free birthday dinner on #Date of Birth#!
Hey Amanda, happy birthday!.
We would like to invite you for a free birthday dinner on 2011-11-13!            

----Mailmerge Codes----

 The following are some codes that are popular in many MyGuestlist accounts.
Tag Field
#PatronName# Name
#PatronSurname# Surname
#PatronEmail# E-mail
#PatronMobile# Mobile 
#DOB# Date of Birth           
#Sex# Gender
#Postcode# Postcode
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