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Why must I keep re-adding my Facebook Profile to MyGuestlist?

On May 1st 2012, Facebook removed the ability for 3rd-Party Applications (such as MyGuestlist) to request access anytime to a users account.

After May 1st 2012, we are now given 60 days, from the time you click Link Account in MyGuestlist, to access your profiles.

What does this mean for me?

Every 60 days, you'll need to re-link any Facebook Profiles that we no longer have access to. Consider the following example:

On the 1st of January, John Citizen links his Facebook account to MyGuestlist. John has linked his personal profile, and his own Facebook Page.

60 Days later (March 1st), MyGuestlist won't be able to update John's status, or view statistics for past social campaigns for both John's personal Facebook Profile, and his business Facebook Page. John will need to re-link his Facebook Profile to MyGuestlist.

Keep an eye on your Social Notifications - we'll let you know when one of your Facebook Profiles is approaching this time limit.

Social link warning

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