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I want to add columns to view on my reservations home page

You can add columns from your reservation fields to the grid that you see your reservations contained in.

Let's say you want to view the mobile number of the person who submitted the form online. We can do this by first clicking on the Columns button at the bottom of the table shown below:

You will now see a box like so:


The items on the left side are the columns that are currently being displayed in your table.

By clicking on the minus sign, you can remove the column from the table (it won't delete the column, just hide it)


The items on the right side are the columns that are available for you to view.

By clicking on the + sign, you can add a column to the table.

You can also re-arrange the columns by clicking anywhere on the column name and dragging/dropping it where you would like it to be placed.

Now you can see that the email column has been added to the table.

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  • 06-Mar-2012