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Manage Promoters

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Guestlists tab (top menu)

3. Click on Manage Promoters


4. Enter the promoters email (this will be their log in email for the promoter hub)

Before you add the promoter to your account, you can decide whether they are allowed to set pricing for their lists, if they can view statistics and you can also set which form they use to enter list details.

After you click Add Pormoter, they will receive an email on instructions for getting to and using the Promoter Hub.

 - To delete a promoter, click on the rubbish bin icon to the right of their name

 - To search a promoter, enter any details in the search box i.e you can search the name, email or phone in the same box.

 - You can edit the Price editing and stats abilities as well as change the form assigned to the promoter via these vox.

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