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Advance Search

The Advanced Search functionality allows you to execute a complex set of search instructions to find people in your database. It allows you to pull and use data from different parts of the platform together. 

For example, you can execute a search on all Members who have a birthday in the next month and that are female which, have spent atleast $500 in the last few months and have created a guestlist this year. 

Once an advanced search has been created, it can then be saved and re-used in different parts of the system (eg: You can create and save the above search and then send an email campaign to the users matching the criteria).

Creating an Advanced Search

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Database tab

3. Click on Advance Search

4. To create a new search range, click on the Add Search Field

5. Click on the field that you would like to search through

6. Once you've added the restrictions, click on Begin Search

This will display the patrons with the restrictions above.

Through this search you can add all of these contacts to a category or send them all an SMS (or email if that was part of the restriction)

If you want to save this search, enter the name and click on Save Search.

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  • 27-Mar-2015