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Add / Change / Remove - Database Fields

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Database tab

3. Click on Manage Fields (located in the Orange menu in the top left, manage fields is 3rd from the bottom)

In this section we cover:

  • Add a Field - Add a new field to your Database
  • Change a Field - Change a current field in your Database
  • Delete a Field - completely remove a field and all of its contained information from the Database.

Add a field - Database > Manage Fields > Add a Field

You start by selecting a custom field

After clicking on one of the options, naming your new field and clicking next, you will see something similar to this:

By clicking the  you see on the right, you can move the field. 

Drag and drop the box wherever you want it to be displayed.

Once you save, your database will contain this new field. 

Make sure you save!


Change a field - Database > Manage Fields > Change a Field

You can either change a particular field, or change the fields ordering

Change a Multi field - MERGE

1. Select the field you'd like to change from the drop down box

- Then click on Edit Selected Field

2. Click on Merge Options

3. Tick the boxes that you would like to merge into one

4. Select to keep one option or create a new options and delete the others

5. If you choose to keep an option, select which one you want to keep.

Change the ordering

1. Click on Change Field Ordering (no need to select an option from the drop down)

You will see a list of fields that are on your database
By clicking the 3 bars you see on the right, you can move the field.

- Drag and drop the box wherever you want it to be displayed.

Delete a field - Database > Manage Fields > Delete a Field

You can only select the fields that you have created to delete.

You can click on anywhere on the box to select it.
Clicking delete will PERMANENTLY delete the field and ALL of it's contained information.
WARNING: This cannot be undone!

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