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Adding Tickets and Sessions

Click on the Ticketing tab, and click 'Dashboard' under the event name

Click on the tickets tab

To add a new ticket, click on 'Add Ticket'

Enter the details for the ticket:

1. Name

2. Description (shows under the ticket name on the event page)

3. Quantity (How many are available for this ticket type)

4. Price 

5. Is there an early bird option?

To place some restrictions on the ticket, click on Rules & options

Click save once you've set up the ticket rules

This includes how many tickets a patron is able to register (default max amount is 10).

To add a ticket under a different date or time, click on 'Add Ticket' and select 'Add New Session'.

Enter the dates and times for the session and the TOTAL capacity for the session.

Keep in a mind a session can have multiple ticket types, so make sure you set the total capacity for the session, not just a single ticket.

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  • 17-Jul-2017