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Trigger Campaigns > Setting Up and Managing Campaigns based on different triggers

A Triggered Campaign allows you to send out communications to members of your database when specific search criteria has been met. 

Unlike the other Date Reminder options, a Triggered Campaign is not date based and instead, can be setup to execute against any data inside your MyGuestlist account.

A Triggered Campaign requires that you have created and saved an Advanced Search beforehand. 

The Advanced Search acts as a filter that the Triggered Campaign uses to find a list of users matching your criteria in order to deliver your campaign.



Setting Up A Triggered Campaign

Head over to the Database section and click on "Date Reminders".

Select to create an automated Trigger Campaign. You will then be presented with a dialog asking you enter the following information:

Campaign Type To Send:

Select how you want your campaign delivered. You have the option of sending out an email or an sms campaign. Bear in mind that you are able to setup as many triggered campaigns as you like. Hence, you can setup one campaign to be delivered as an Email and then another campaign to be delivered as an SMS.

Select a Saved Search filter to use

Before setting up your triggered campaign, you will first need to create and save an Advanced Search. The system will then execute that search and deliver your campaign to the users matching the criteria. 

Select the saved search that you would like to use for this campaign.

Template to send

Your campaign will be sent out as an Email or SMS (based on your selection). The message content will need to be saved as a template so that it can be used. If you have not yet setup your template, head over to the Email or SMS section and create your template. 

When sending out a campaign, the platform will use your template as the message contents.

From Name / Message Subject / Reply-To Email

These items will appear depending on your campaign type. If you have selected to send an email, you will be required to enter the From Name, message subject and an email address that will be used if patrons reply to the message.

For SMS, the From Name will be used as the Sender ID (if supported in your country).

Campaign Scheduling & Send Times

MyGuestlist gives you the option of deciding how often and when to deliver your campaign. You can specify to execute the campaign on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis. You can also select the specific days for it to execute as well as the time.

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