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Inspiration and ideas to help transition your business for COVID-19
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Our industry is going through one of the toughest challenges. We are here to help you generate revenue, remain open and get through this.


If you are able to continue to trade via take-away or delivery options, now more than ever, it is crucial to communicate to your customers.


Below are some of the must-do activities venues around the world are undertaking with links to examples.



Setting up new automations to maximise revenue


If your business is open for take-away or delivery, we can help you setup new automations to help keep a steady flow of orders. 


Some examples of automations:



You can sell gift vouchers, rescue packs, 
or any popular items right within MyGuestlist

Many venues are selling vouchers, packs or other items their customers have enjoyed from them. Some of these are:



Don't go dark on customers and stay in touch


Remaining in constant communication with your customers is a reminder that you're not only trading, but a visual reminder on the yummy offers available to them during times where they'll need more than the usual amount of comfort.


Don't forget to have call-to-action buttons to make it easy. Include details of your menu, photos of your meals and direct call-to-action buttons to allow users to call or order online. 



Online Payments


We have worked with customers to allow them to offer an online shop for pick-up and delivery of menu items.


This is a great way to utilise technology to capture payments instantly and process the orders without relying on phone calls while making the option available 24/7 to your customers. 



Here are some examples:


Morso at home
Elaia take away
Emerson on wheels

Shiraz Frozen Meal Delivery Service

The Viking Feast Presale




Disabling Automated Campaigns


We recommend a review of all your existing automations to ensure that those which no longer apply are disabled and others are altered. 


Automated campaigns such as We-Miss-You, Birthdays, Sign Up Offers should be disabled. 


To view and update your automations, click on Database and then select Date Reminders.



Online Articles and Resources - How to Help Restaurants - How some restaurants have updated their model


Australian & State Governments - Coronavirus information and support for businesses


ATO - Support measures to assist those affected by COVID-19


Restaurant & Catering Australia - Stimulus Fact Sheet


Restaurant & Catering Australia - Coronavirus Information Hub


NZ Restaurant Association - Advice for members on the coronavirus outbreak


Restaurants Canada - Navigating coronavirus: resources for foodservice operators


US Restaurant Association - Coronavirus information and Resources


Restaurant & Catering Assoc - Workplace Relations - Frequently Asked Questions



Resources for Staff Training and Information


What Hospitality Trainers Can Do – PDF guide to resources

Coronavirus in the Workplace (video 34 min.) World Health Organisation

How Hospitality & Restaurant Trainers can Work Remotely

Hygiene & Food Safety Posters



We are in this together


Our support and account management team is on stand-by and ready to help. 


If you need assistance with planning a campaign, setting up automations or anything else, please get in touch with your account manager or our support team.

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