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What are products and purchases?


Items that are sold at the venue that are pre-set into the system.

Using Manage Products is a way to pre-create or allocate a certain number of items for a particular reservation. All of this can be done in the Manage products section which can be accessed from both the Reservation home screen as well as the orange menu.

Using Manage products is a great way to record product usage.


Items that are purchased for a reservation to record usage.

Purchases are recorded in each seperate reservation in the Purchases tab.

When adding a purchase, any pre-created items will be displayed as options as you type as displayed below:

It will auto fill the price etc when you select a pre-created item.

If you create a new purchase instead of a pre-create done, it will automatically add your new item to the products list.

This is a quick and easy way to record the usage of products in your venue!

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  • 15-Dec-2011