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Reservation Overview

The reservation system allows you to completely manage anything from a large function to a small table booking. Enquiries can be generated directly from your website, facebook fan page or by entering them manually into the system (for example, if somebody called or emailed you directly). 
The system allows you to track any number of fields (which you can setup) including:
- Allocated one or more tables to them. The system will also let you know which tables are free & reserved.
- Specify any requests & notes.
- Add in any items that need to be paid for or have been prepurchased (eg: bar tab, food platters, booking fee etc...).
- Calculate outstanding amount
- Specify any payments that have been made (eg: deposit amount)
There is also a Status field which allows you to track the reservation. The Status' can be as follows:
- Unconfirmed: A regular enquiry.
- Pending: Details have been sent to the patron and awaiting confirmation or deposit
- Confirmed: Reservation is completely setup.
On the specific night, you are able to print out a run sheet or using our iPad application, you can view all the details in real time.
An example of a typical use case:
1. Patron goes to the website and submits an enquiry (they specify their details, date/time and any other comments)
2. The enquiry is added to the system with a status of "Unconfirmed" and an email is sent to you letting you know.
3. A staff member would then get in contact with the patron and work out the deal.
4. Once a deal has been specified, all the terms will be added into the system and the status updated to Pending
5. (optional) Once you receive a deposit or the go-ahead from the patron, you would then allocated a table and set the status to "Confirmed".
Best thing to do is login and have a play. We also have some how-to guides here in case you get stuck: 
You can also see an overview of our Reservation system here.
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