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How do guestlists work?

A standard guestlist allows each person create a list and add the attendees to that list.

For example: If John wanted to have his friends go to Yamaka Club for this birthday, he would create a guestlist under the name of "John's Birthday List". When creating the guestlist, John would add the names of his friends who have been invited. 

The second type of guestlist we have is a RSVP listwhich allows multiple people to sign up to one single list on a night. RSVP lists are usually done for events where people are all attending for that event, and not for separate birthdays etc.

For example: John wants to sign up to attend, and specifies he will be bringing three guests. Then Jane decides she wants to go and signs up for the list.

Both John (+3) and Jane will now be on the same list for the night.

In MyGuestlist, all guestlists are grouped by date. Yamaka Club would have 30 lists on Saturday. Each list would be under the name of the person who created it and contain a list of attendees. So, when John's friends arrive at Yamaka Club...they will tell the doorman  "hi, my name is Jeff. I am on John's Birthday List". On the iPad, the doorman will select John's Birthday List and then check in Jeff.

For a RSVP list, there would only be one list for the night, and all patrons will be contained in that list. So when John comes to the door, he just says his name.

MyGuestlist provides plenty of ways of allowing guestlists to be submitted:

  • Generate forms on your website to allow anybody to create a list.
  • Sub-Accounts for promoters & staff.
  • Directly via Email
  • Facebook Application
  • Upload a spreadsheet to MyGuestlist
  • more details and instructions here

Guestlists are generally submitted via online forms. The forms can be completely customiszed to include the fields that matter to your venue (eg: Reserved Area, Number of Free Drink Cards, Paid Deposit etc...).

Customising fields is very easy via our Manage Fields section. Click here to find out more information on managing and customising your guestlist fields.

You can also generate custom guestlist submission forms. These forms are used by your patrons and staff to submit guestlists. A very simple drag and drop editor has been created to allow you to create and customize your forms very easily. Click here to find out how to create your own forms.

Managing and tracking your promoters & staff is very easy with the Promoter Hub. The Promoter Hub is a seperate website that allows staff and promoters to login and submit their own lists for your event/venue. The system provides statistics for all your lists and staff members so you can find out detailed information about their performance and reward them accordingly.

The MyGuestlist iPad application is a fully automated guestlist and booking management tool. The application will display all guestlists for the current day/night ready to for checkins. The application's interface is split into 3 columns:

  • Left Column: This contains all lists submitted for today. The name of the Guestlist (ie: John's Birthday list), the approximate arrival time as well as the number of attendees are displayed. Clicking on a list from this column will auto-populate the middle column.
  • Middle Column: The people listed as attendees on the selected list from the first column are listed in the middle column. There are two ways to checkin attendees; if you click on the circle to the left of their name, it will do a quick-checkin. However, if you click on their name, you will be able to provide more information (eg: gender, price paid and a star rating) about this attendee. 
  • Right Column: All information about the selected list (from the first column) is displayed in this column. Any custom fields (ie: Reserved Area, etc...) created will also be displayed in this column.
At the end of the night, once the iPad has been sync'd and the data sent to our servers, you will be able to generate a report and view all checkin data online. Login to the MyGuestlist website on your computer and navigate to Statistics > iPad Stats. You can also generate an excel spreadsheet by clicking the export button on the top-right corner of the page. Find our more information on how to view stats on the iPad as well as via the MyGuestlist web application here.

Need more help? We also have a wide range of video tutorials and you can always email us on [email protected].
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