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Creating a Guestlist

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Guestlists tab

3. Click on Create a new Guestlist

You will now see a page in front you that looks something like this:

You must enter a Guestlist name and a Date for the list to be saved.

If you're just wanting to copy/paste the list of attendees, you can paste them straight into the Attendees box.

Note ~ Attendees does not need to be filled in right now as the next screen also has the option to add people. The next screen also allows you to enter the gender, price point etc. for that particular attendee.

Click on 'Save and Continue' at the top of the page, it will take you to the next screen.

You can upload a list of attendees, add a single attendee or export your attendees.

If you want to check out how to upload attendees, check out this article (skip the first bit)

Make sure you save your changes.

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