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How do I re-use a campaign

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Email tab

3. Click on Send a Campaign

4. Enter a name for your new campaign

5. Enter a Subject for your campaign


6. Depending on the Editor you're using:

 - Drag & Drop Editor: select the top option 'Re-use a past Campaign'.

 - Advanced Editor: select the bottom option 'Re-use a freestyle Campaign'.

7. Select the campaign you would like to re-use

8. To make changes to your content, click on Open Editor.

To continue, click Next

9. Select to Send to Everyone on the left side, or select a Category by clicking INSIDE the box and making your selection. Then click NEXT.

10. Select to either send your campaign now, or schedule it for a particular time and date.

Make sure you confirm

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