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A/B Testing

MyGuestlist allows you to test different variations of subject lines, to gauge what your database responds to. By sending multiple subject lines to your database, you'll be able to see which type of subject lines yield better open or click through rates.

To set up an A/B Testing campaign:

1. Click on the Email tab

2. Click on 'Send a Campaign'

3. Enter a name for your campaign

4. Click on 'Test another subject line'

5. Enter the different subject lines you want to test

You can add extra subject lines by clicking on 'Test another subject line'.

6. Select whether you want to send emails to everyone at the same time (with different subject lines) or, send a small number of emails to see which subject line has the best result. Once the system knows which subject line gets the best open rate, it will send the rest of the emails with that subject line.

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  • 23-Nov-2015