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Sending out a PDF file

Through MyGuestlist, you can only email out pictures or HTML files.

To send out a PDF, first you need to take a screenshot of the image, and then upload the image file into your email.

A screenshot can be taken by clicking 'print screen' on your keyboard (PC) or Command-Shift-4 (MAC).

You may then need to crop the image afterwards (see below for instructions on how to crop an image in both operating systems).

How to take a screenshot and crop an image using Windows 

How to take a screenshot on a MAC 

Once you have got your image ready to upload, proceed with the following:

1. Log into MyGuestlist

2. Click on the Email tab 

3. Click on Send a Campaign

4. Enter a name for your campaign (Only you can see the name), click Next

5. Enter a Subject for your campaign, click Next

[Subjects are one of the most important things about your campaign. We recommend you choose something attention grabbing, cheeky, or anything else that will make your contacts want to open your e-mail.]

6. Choose the E-mail Layout 'Blank Canvas'

7. Select 'Open Editor'

 8. Delete the content block that displays in the editor by default

9. Click on the IMAGE block, and DRAG it to the centre area where it says 'Drop block here'

10. Click onto the Image, then select 'Insert Image' inside the left panel

11. Select to Upload or use an existing image

11. Click on Upload, then choose file

12. Click on Upload Selected File

13. Double click on the picture you just uploaded, then click OK

If you want to add some text above or below your image, just click on the TEXT content block, and drag it into the middle of your email.

14. Send yourself a test, then save and close the email editor

Click NEXT

15. Select the people you would like to send to:

  • To send to everyone, click Send to Everyone
  • To sent to a particular category, click on the box and select one or multiple categories.
  • To send to particular people, Click on the Advanced tab and enter the details of the people you would like to send the email to.
16. Click next
17. Select whether or not to schedule the campaign or send it now.
If you select 'Send Now', you will need to click Next on the proceeding page to send out the email.

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