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Common Email Editor Uses

This article will cover the most common things you'll want to do in the email editor.

To skip down to the most appropriate section, select an option below:

 - Adding/Removing Content Blocks

 - Upload an Image

 - Change Text Colour

 - Change Background Colours

 - Linking Text

 - Linking Images

 - Mailmerge

We'll start the example by starting an email from scratch

Then select Open Editor

Adding/Removing Content Blocks

Start by deciding which block you'd like to use.

There are two types of blocks: Basic & Advanced

Basic Advanced

Select the type of block you'd like to choose

Click & Drag the block over onto the main content area and you'll see some blue areas light up.

Drop your box into the desired area.

Once it's in, it'll re-size to the content area.

(so if you place it in between the text and image it'll keep the same width but make the text and image areas smaller)


To remove a content block, hover over the block and click on the 'X' in the top right corner.




Upload an Image

You can upload an image into any image content block by doing the following:

1. Hover over the image box & click on 'Edit Image'

2. If you'd like to upload a new image, or use an existing image already in MyGuestlist, click on 'Upload or use an existing image'. Otherwise, if you have a URL hosted on a server somewhere, enter the URL in the box provided.

For this example we're going to upload a new image, so click on Upload or use an existing image.

Now you'll see a new pop up box open, here you can either create a new folder, upload a new image ot use an existing image.

Click on Upload and navigate to where your image is located on your computer.

Once your file is uploaded, the page will refresh and the image will appear inside the box.

The list is in alphabetical order which helps if you have a larger number of images.

Double click on the image to use it.

Now click Done.

Your image is re-sized to the correct ratio and placed in the box.




Change Text Colour

You can change the text colour of any text area by doing the following:

1. Double click on the text you'd like to edit & a toolbar will display above the text.

2. Highlight the text you'd like to edit, and click on the 'Text Colour' icon

Now just click somewhere else in your text and you'll see the colour has changed.



Change Background Colours

There are three types of background you can change.

1. Main background (the outside of your email)

2. Content background (the centre area of your email)

3. Block background (a single content block)

To change the main background of your email, go down to 'Design Options' in the left panel, and click on 'Body'

Now you'll see a 'Colour' box. You can either click inside the box to select a colour, or enter the colour code inside the box.

To change the content background colour, select 'Content' under Design Options & enter the colour (or click inside the box and select a colour)

To change the block background, hover over the area you'd like to edit, and click on the 'Settings' icon

On the left side you'll see a Background and Border option. Select 'Coloured' from the drop down under 'Background' and enter the colour you'd like to use.

You'll see the colour is immediately reflected in the content block you selected.



Linking Text

1. Double click on the text are you'd like to edit

2. Highlight the text you'd like to link & select the 'Link' icon

3. Enter the URL in the box provided




Linking Images

1. Click on 'Edit Image' under the image you'd like to link.

2. In the left panel, enter the URL under 'Link'




1. Double click on the text are you'd like to edit

2. Click on 'Mailmerge' in the toolbar & select which option you'd like to insert into your email.

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