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Design Options

he Design Options is what allows you to change the entire style of your email.

The Design Options are located in the left panel under the content blocks.

 - Themes

 - Header

 - Heading

 - Text

 - Links

 - Separators

 - Content

 - Body

 - Footer


The themes option allows you to style your entire email quickly and easily, and it great to use if you're not really sure how you want it to look.


The header option allows you to colour and size the entire header section. 


Allows you to change colours of all the headings at once.


The text option will allow you to style all text inside a text block at once.

This will ignore the header & footer section, and also any pre-formatted text you have in your email.


Links allows you to style all links to be the same, excluding the header links.


Separators allows you to style all separator blocks at once.


Content is the centre block with holds your email.

This allows you to change the background and border colours of the content box, increase the width of your email and also border width & block spacing.

 - Content width = the width of your entire content area. Recommended sizing is between 550px-800px 

 - Border width = the thickness of the border

 - Border roundnedd = the curve of the border in the corners of the content

 - Block spacing is the spacing between blocks inside your content

 - Content Padding = the spacing between the border and your content


Body allows you to set the background colour and image for the space behind your content area. Images are recommended to be small and repeatable. If you're wanting to use a photo, we recommend at least 1000px wide portrait style photo so it doesn't stretch badly. 


Footer allows you to add your venue logo, change the alignment of the unsubscribe text and change the display of forward to a friend and the myguestlist logo.

You can also choose to display the footer text inside or outside of the content area.

This unsubscribe text cannot be changed as by the law the email is required to state who it was sent to and also provide a way to opt out.

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