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Our new email editor allows you to easily drag and drop items into your email & allows for quick and easy formatting which is displayed equally in the email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.)


When you open up the editor for the first time, it'll look like this:


You can see it consists of a left panel, your email in the centre and the top menu which has Help, Send a Test, Preview and Save & Close.


The Content blocks are what make up your email. 

You'll start off viewing the Basic content blocks, but you can change the drop down to Advanced to view blocks like YouTube videos and vouchers.


You can add blocks by simply dragging them from the left panel into your email.

For more on adding and removing blocks from your email, click here.

The Design Options allow you to style your email, including background colours, font types, font colours, borders and the header & footer.

For details on the design options, click here.

The Centre area is your email.

To edit text, double click on the text area to open the toolbar.

To upload an image, click on the image block and click 'Edit Image'

For full instructions on how to upload an image, click here.

To edit the block style, hover over the block and click the 'Settings' icon.

The Block Options will only change that particular block.

When changing the background, select 'Coloured' from the drop down.

In the box below, you can either enter a colour code, or click inside the box and select a colour.

The top menu contains:

 - 'Help' which is a short walk-through

 - 'Send A Test' which allows you to send a test to an email address to view it in your email client.

 - 'Preview' allows you to view your email in the browser

 - 'Save & Close' saves your email then closes it.

You email is also automatically saved every 5 minutes.

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  • 28-Jan-2015