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Instagram Hashtag
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Encourage patrons to upload photos of your venue to Instagram using an Instagram Hashtag Competition

Instagram Hashtag competitions are a great way to increase your brand awareness on Instagram, and get your venue in the eyes of friends-of-friends.


How it works

Choose a unique hashtag for your competition. Once you've got your unique hashtag and you've published your competition, every time a photo or video is added to Instagram with that hashtag, it will be added as an entry to your competition. There's nothing else you or your entrants need to do to get in the draw.


Deleted Photos

In the event someone deletes a photo from Instagram, their entry is automatically marked as invalid by the system.


Are entrants stored in my database?

Instagram users who hashtag media on Instagram are not added to your MyGuestlist database. You'll need to combine this competition with a Refer a Friend, Question and Answer or Creative Answer competition to add entrants to your database.


Contacting Winners

At the end of your competition, once you've decided on a winner, you'll need to contact them. MyGuestlist recommends you leave a comment on the winners photo on Instagram, with instructions for the winner to claim their prize.

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