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How To: Create a Competition

Follow this step-by-step guide to create your very own Competition

To create your competition, navigate to the Competitions Tab from within MyGuestlist and then click Create a Competition.

Select the type of Competition you'd like to create. More information about the types of Competitions you can run through your MyGuestlist account can be found here.

Once you've selected the main entry point for your competition, enter some details for your competition.

Competition Name

This is the Name of your Competition. This will form the title of the page when your competition is viewed.

Competition Start/Open Time

Enter a date and time when this competition will open. Anyone who goes to your competition page before this time won't be able to enter your competition.

Competition Stop/Close Time

Enter a data and time when this competition will close. Once this time has been reached, your competition will automatically close and entries will no longer be accepted.

Turn off or on multiple entries

When you allow multiple entries, people will be able to enter your competition multiple times, and each entry will count. Disable multiple entries if you only want someones first entry to count.

Competition Terms and Conditions

Enter a URL/link to your Competition Rules, or terms and conditions here if you have them

Setup Your Competition

Enter specific options for your competition, such as the Instagram Hashtag to use, or the Questions to ask.

Add more chances to win

Repeat the steps above to add additional entry points to this competition. Once you're done, go to the Competition Dashboard.

Publish Your Competition

Once you've changed the appearance settings, and setup other options for your Competition, you'll need to publish it.

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