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Changing the Looks and Feel of your competition

MyGuestlist Competitions can easily be changed to suit your brandings look-and-feel, whilst still working on small screen devices

MyGuestlist Competitions are designed to work on a range of devices. From your laptop/desktop PC, right down to your tablet or smartphone. Keeping this in mind, MyGuestlist offers over 10 different themes you can use to change the appearance of your Competition.

 Just go to the Themes Tab from the Change Look and Feel area of your Competition.

Changing Text and Images

You can customise your competition with your own artwork, to make the competition feel more like your own. You can either add an image in the header, that appears on every page of your competition, or on certain entry points only.

Each Competition entry type has its own options, allowing you to customise the text, enter buttons and titles for example

General Messages

There's also some general messages you can change, like the message shown to people after your competition has closed, or when a form is submitted.

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  • 21-Jan-2014