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Creating an event

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Ticketing tab

3. Click on 'Create Ticketed Event'

4. Click on 'Create New Event'

5. Enter the name for your event

6. Enter who is presenting the event - this could be yourself, the company or the venue.

This is an optional field (not required).

7. Enter the description for your event. This can be entered and edited at any time, even after the event has been created. This can also be left blank.

8. Enter the date and time that your event starts, and the date and time your event finishes.

If you're planning to have multiple sessions, just enter the first session in here and the rest can be added at a later point.

9. Enter the date and time the tickets go on sale, and then date and time the ticket sales close.

If you have multiple sessions, just enter the first sessions sales start and cut off times.

10. Enter the address for the event.

If you have multiple addresses for different sessions, just enter the address for the first session.

11. Click Next 

12. This is where you enter the different types of tickets for your event. 

 - To add a new ticket, click on 'Add ticket'.

 - To remove the current ticket click on the red X.

 - To edit the ticket, click on the pencil and paper icon (to the left of the red X)

If you have multiple sessions, just enter the tickets for the first session.

13. Would you like to send patrons PDF tickets that they have just purchased? Select Yes or No on the right side.

14. What payment methods do you want to use: Credit Card, PayPal or both.

For Credit Card:

 - Select yes next to 'Accept Payment via Credit Card'

 - Select the currency you would like to accept the payments in

For PayPal:

 - Select yes next to 'Accept Payments via PayPal.

 - Click 'Add PayPal Account'

 - Enter in your PayPal email address and click Add

 - Select the currency you would like to accept the payments in

You must have a an active paypal account to use this option.

By clicking Yes for both options, it allows patrons to pay by both paypal and credit card.

15. Select if you would like the customer to pay the booking fee, or if you would like to pay it.

16. Do you want customers who purchase tickets to go into a certain category in your database? Click inside the box to select an existing category, or click on 'Create Category' to create a new one.

17. Do you want your event advertised on third party websites? If yes, click inside the box that appears to select the type of event you're hosting.

18. Click on Create Event

Now that your event is created you can add extra sessions and tickets, and style your ticketing page.

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