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Styling your event

Once you've created your event you can style your ticketing page.

Start by clicking on the Options button and selecting Look & Feel

When you open up the editor, you will see something similar to this:

The content blocks allow you to add elements to your event page similar to our email editor.

By clicking on Design under the MyGuestlist logo, you can change the colour scheme for the text and background.

Once you've styled the colours for your event, click onto Contact Info at the top and then scroll down on the left side to view the Field Options. 

When you click on a field option, it will immediately be added to your event

The custom fields can be found at the bottom on the left panel.

These fields are used when you don't want some information added to your database.

To move a field, click and hold the field, then drag it to the position

By clicking on Success at the top, you can customise the success page by adding content blocks and editing the default text.

Once you've saved the event, then closed the window you're able to publish the event by clicking on Options and Publish Event

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