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Background Images

1. Open the email editor

2. Scroll down in the left panel

3. Click on 'Body' then click inside the 'Background Image' box

4. Select the image you'd like to use, or click on 'Existing/Upload' on the left side to use an image of your own.

5. Click inside the box again to change the image.

To set your own image, click on 'Existing/Upload'

Now you'll see a new pop up box open, here you can either create a new folder, upload a new image to use an existing image.

Click on Upload and navigate to where your image is located on your computer.

Once your file is uploaded, the page will refresh and the image will appear inside the box.

The list is in alphabetical order which helps if you have a larger number of images.

Double click on the image to use it.

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  • 16-Jun-2016