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Re-send a campaign to a single recipient

1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Email tab

3. Click on Send a Campaign

4. Enter a name for your new campaign

5. Enter a Subject for your campaign


6. Depending on the Editor you're using:

 - Drag & Drop Editor: select the top option 'Re-use a past Campaign'.

 - Advanced Editor: select the bottom option 'Re-use a freestyle Campaign'.

7. Select the campaign you would like to re-use

8. To make changes to your content, click on Open Editor.

To continue, click Next

9. Click on the Search tab

10. Enter the email address you want to send the campaign to, and double check the number of recipients equals 1. Then click Next.

11. Select to either send your campaign now, or schedule it for a particular time and date.

Make sure you confirm

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  • 02-May-2018