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Ticket Widgets

What are ticket widgets?
A ticket widget allows you to show upcoming ticketed events directly on your website. Your users will be able to see all the events you have and click a link to go directly to register & purchase tickets.
Once the widget has been placed on your website or Facebook fan page, it will automatically update when you create a new event.

1. Log into your account

2. Click on the Social Tab

3. Click on Facebook Applications

4. Click on New Facebook App

5. Select which page you would like the app applied to

6. Enter a name for your app and select Create Ticketing App

7. Enter a name for your ticketing app, select who should be able to view the app and click next.

8. If you haven't created the widget yet, click 'Create a new widget now', otherwise click 'Use an existing Widget'.

(For this example we've used an existing widget)

9. Click on 'Use for Facebook App'

 10. Confirm that you'd like to create the app


To change the appearance of your widget on Facebook, follow these instructions.

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