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Build and manage Facebook apps

 - Creating a New Facebook App

 - Manage Facebook 

Creating a New Facebook App


1. Log into your MyGuestlist account

2. Click on the Social Tab

3. Click on Facebook Applications

4. Click New Facebook App in the right most corner of the window.


5. Choose the Fan Page(s) that you would like to add your new Facebook Application.

Custom applications can not be installed to profiles or groups.

6. Enter a name for your app (only you can see this)

7. Select which type of app you would like. (We've selected Database for this example)

8. Enter a label for your app, this is what the patron will see on your Fan page.


9. Select to use an existing form (we recommend that you create a form beforehand, but you can create a new form by using 'Create New Form Now')

10. Select which form you would like to use for the app.

12. Click Create My App to apply it to your fan page with the details provided.

Manage Facebook

Add/Remove Pages


Form Settings



For each app you have created, you have the following options:

Add/Remove Pages - you need to have at least one page selected, but you can have this form applied to as many pages as you like.

Tick a page to add it or un-tick a page to remove it. 


Please see these instructions to edit the appearance of your app.

Use Rename Facebook Tab to change the text under the app on your fan page

Use 'Change App Icon' to change the thumbnail of your App on your Facebook page (only relevant for pages not updated to the new layout)

Form Settings

You can change the fields at any time as well as set rules and notifications through this section.

Submissions - if you would like to view the people who have made submissions through your Facebook app, this is where you go.

Delete - This will remove your app all together, from your Facebook page and MyGuestlist.

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