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What are some different ways I can get guest lists?

The following are some ways that you can gather guest lists:

1. Website Forms

Customised for your website or Guestlist requirements

See - How do I accept guestlists from my website

2. Facebook

Facebook Applications allow you to gather Guestlists from fans without then having to leave the fan page.

See - How do I build and manage Facebook applications?
Also see How do I accept guestlists from my Facebook page? 

3. Promoters

Promoters that you have added can make Guestlists for you via their pr.MyGuestlist website.

See - How do I add a promoter?

4. SMS promotions

You can send promotions or special events via SMS that patrons can reply to for attendance.

See - How do I send out an SMS campaign?
Also see How do I accept replies and monitor them?

3. Email

You can email with an event out so that patrons know to send an RSVP or to create Guestlists for that event.

See - How do I start an email campaign?

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