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SMS to Guestlist
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SMS to Guestlist is a feature allowing staff or promoters of a venue to submit a guestlist to the system via SMS.

The message is set up in the format [date][comma][list of names] 


If the date is missing, it will assume the list is for today's date.


The attendee names must be separated by a comma and can include a plus notation for guests.

tomorrow, andy + 3, jade, damian -> Will create a list for tomorrow and add 6 people

tony, alex, damian, jade -> Will create a list for tonight with 4 people

09/13/2013, john, alex+2, jade -> Will create a list for 13th Sept and add 5 people


This feature requires a dedicated number which is provided at an additional cost.


Please contact [email protected] for more information.


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