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Running An Update Details Campaign in the Drag & Drop Editor

An Update Details campaign allow you to ask your members to check and update their data for accuracy as well as complete any missing information. For a great response rate, always provide an incentive for users to update their information (wrap it around a competition or a give-away).

The steps below show you how to insert an "Update Details" link inside an email campaign that is being created via our Drag & Drop Email Editor. If you are using the Advanced Editor, please follow the steps on this page.

The Update Details link in your email campaign will link to the Hosted Version of a Database form. You will need to create the form first (Database > Website Forms) and then come back to the editor to create the link to that form.

1. Open up the editor

2. Double click on a content text block to edit it.

3. Click on 'Personal Links' in the toolbar

4. Select 'Update Details' from the drop down

5. Select them form you would like to use from the drop down

6. The 'Update your details' text will display in your email & you can change the text by highlighting all the text and entering new text.

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  • 28-Jan-2015